Thursday, April 10, 2008

Template 3 Column Blogspot

I got lot of request asking on how I do 3 column blog. It is very simple you may :-

  1. Google and search for template for blogspot three column
  2. Download this ready template hack by me. [password is hiliran]
    • Very basic, but clean
    • You may modified it by yourself, but make sure you understand the structure !!
    • Sample of the website is here
    • If you want to learn, atleast you must have some knowledge on
      • CSS
      • XML
      • Pixel
      • HTML
I hope I can help beginners [ bloggers] to customize their blog.
If you have question not ask me, I'm also new !!!
Oh ..the template is free and you are free to distribute to others . Actually the template is build from blogspot 2 column template !!

pss: my blog here used others template ..
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