Thursday, February 21, 2013

Talk talk talk action no result ..Harga kereta turun menjelang 2015 ?

Lomah den baco berito ni ..Sumber beritah harian 21 Feb 2013 ..
Kiro ee ...dah lamo diorang buek kerje bincang berbincang ...
Hargo kereto terus naik tahun demi tahun tak caye ko ?

Semogo berjayo ....dah dokek pilihanrayo baru ado terhegeh hegeh ...

peace yo ..
~N9 Celup

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Which Android phone or tablet is good for you today ?

Back to the question..which Android phones is good for you ?
Haiyaa pening pening pikir lorrr ...too many brands and spect out there ...

My advice to you if you want to purchase Android base phone or tablet ...please look into these specification:-

1. RAM or ...called as system memory
RAM is  a memory for operating system to run and store its binary files.
Good start Android phone must have atleast 1GB RAM.

2. CPU
Minimun is dual core .

3. Storage
 16GB ... I have 8 GB phone ...but its not enough .. after a year!!! you need to delete some of your of your pictures!!

4. External SDcard
Optional ..but ...i bet you need this 32GB SDcard ..its cost you RM64.00 only. (Agak agak la ...kalau lebih mahal dah tu ..)
Kalau boleh dapatkan Class 10 SDcard ...lajuuu ..

5. Display size ...
Is size matter ? yeah may need bigger screen .....4.3" is ok ...but 4.6"  or 5" is much much better. For tablet ..go for 10"

6. Firmware Andorid ??
Go for  4.1 (Jelly bean)

7. Screen resolution.
Go for 1080 HD rock ...

8. Others features ...GPS, 3G with HSDPA, Camera ( front and back), Bluetooth and Wifi.

Camera ..5Megapixel is ok already ...
Watchout for newest connectivity ...LTE a good to have nowdays !!

Below is an example ...

Buy one ...and enjoy your android ......

Yearhhh ...