Friday, March 28, 2008

Sekitar Kuala Lumpur [ Night in KL]

Last night I spent my night with my wife at Kuala Lumpur. Why ? Because she had "Nutrition conference" here.
So I bring her to dine at "Ani Sup Utara" beside Medan Mara.
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You should try Mee soup here. Not the best, but still above others Mee soup. Try laaa
After finish "pkena" Mee soup, I order fish n Chip from next door stall.

What else ?? actualy along with Ani Soup Utara, there are a few stall, the famous one is Gerai Satay Samuri.
No need to go to Kajang or Stesen Awan Besar [ KESAS ], come here and try Satay Samuri.

That night I didn't spent on satay because ... for me, I still prefer go to Kajang Town to eat Satay ..muahhhhhaaa
The feeling and environment is different ...Kajang Maaaaa, Town of Satay !!!
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