Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lesson learn

Lesson learn form the internet, from the blogger and from my friends.
Yes, I did learn something ...
1. Learn how to do blogging.
Even though I'm working in IT industry, my entry to blogging really late ..just end of 2007.
How ever, this doesn't mean I can't do nothing. Better late then never.
I start reading others blog and starting realize how fun it is.
Why I do blog ? It is because I want to write something about my House renovation project!!

2. Learn how to change Template.
When I come accross others blog, I'm amazed with their blog appearance. Clean and beautiful.
Mine ? Ohh no I'm using blogspot template ...
Then I start searching ..searching ... www.google.com and search "template for blogspot"
I upload this cool template ..very cool !! 3 column .... rounders02.xml

3. Learn how to promote my blog
Arhh do I care who read my blog ? When the counter reach 1000 then you start thinking ..yearhh yes I do.
I need to know who and why they read it ? Are they the same person ?
How can I interact with them ?
I think this will start counting more and more ....

4. Learn that blogger are culprit
I did read about statement : "All blogger are against the government ...etc etc" because blogger are free to write anything any words!
Damn ..I'm the one who are not against them ...
Critics and "against" are 2 different thing. If people do critics on you, you must smiling and accept the critics. Accept doesn't meant you will follow them, you yourself need to analyze which one is good and bad .
Overall, Bloggers are good !! So much information are given away by bloggers ..and yet it is free.
If really bloggers are againt youn then use the same channel to against them . That it's ...

5. Lot more to do ....
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