Saturday, October 24, 2009

Something I learn yesterday ...

There was a Video Conference meeting between IS here and IS over there . The BOSS shared with us his vision and mission. IT must take a lead from Business to provide better service. All new requirements must be shared and carefully study. Therefore, it can be implemented accros enterprise level, no more solution that fitted to one geographical or departmental.
The BOSS ask, What is your opinion on our "web collaboration portal" ?
Hmm, for me, there is no collaboration except the link and url for very specific purpose...ha ha ha
There is no "WOW" factor ....boring and you may lost in your own portal ....
There are several challenges that the BOSS highlighted yesterday ....
1. Year 2010 is year to reset IT infrastructure . Should we go for Microsoft ? or turn away to another software ? Should we continue our AV system which is lack and slow in produce AV update ..., should we continue using Office 2003 ? A lot of plan and evaluation need to be carried out ...sigh ..
2. Hardware obsolute ...also need to be replace 2010
3. Move forward to Unified Communication, which we will take lead ...( Bangga nye ..)
4. No 6 sigma implemented will slow down the process!! cayalah

He got 36 slides ..but only shared with us 9 slides only .... :)
Reason ??? His presentation is more toward Bussiness strategy and it mean for Top management and Board member ..

Then I realize, my previouse employer did some better jobs in planning and defining IT infrastructure ...but ...implementing it was on another story!!!
" We go for the best in market and looking for enterprise class level ..."
Here we go ..2010 I need to travel as far as US and UK ?
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