Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jenaka: Kesan kenaikan Minyak

Refund ? I renew my Roadtax yesterday and I will claim it on July. The cash actually can hold until end of August only ..I spent on fuel almost RM600 per month[old price RM1.92 per litre]!!

Now, I need to change my life style. Sold my BIG car and use small car. Buy Viva and its enough for me, my wife , 2 daughters and maid. Cramp ? The car small ? aahh ... those the only car fitted into my budget now. I follow PM ..Change my life style ....err when PM will change his life style ?

And I need to find more money, thats mean I need extra work !!

It a modern life style. Do you care to use public transport ? How good it is ?
Try laa ..
From Seremban to KL [ Jalan Sultan Ismail, work place]
1. I need to wait Bus from house to Terminal 1 Seremban [ 30 minute - 1 hour ]
2. Que to get SKS [ 15 minit to 1 hour]
3. Arrived KL [ 1 hour, stop near Pasar Seni,]
4. Take Putra LRT [ que and wait 10 minute - 30 minute]
5. Drop at Dang Wangi station [ 5 minute]
6. Walk to office [30 minute]

Total minimum minute: 150 minute [ on the very lucky day !! no jamm, no que and no people rushing to use public transport!!]
or anonther alternative take Komuter Seremban to Bandar Tasik Selatan, exchange komuter to STAR LRT and drop at Hang Tuah and exchange with Monorel and Drop at Sultan Ismail station.
How long ? Lu kira ler sindiri ....
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