Sunday, August 23, 2009

Setting up your Blackberry as a Modem to connect your laptop to internet

I would like to share my experienced when setting up my "office" blackberry and use it as a modem from my laptop. This is important to me, as I need to access back my office using VPN over internet.

My configuration is based on Blackberry 9000 and with MAXIS line. However, I will let you know on how to set it on CELCOM too :)

I'm always prefer CELCOM, as it is fast and reliable. My home, I can get HSDPA speed which is enough for my browsing and VPN activity. For those who prefered to download or sharing files over internet, please get StreamyX or WimaX .
Here we go, This is Blackberry 9000. The one from my office. At first, I don't like it because of qwerty keyboard and unfriendly menu ( ...hi hi it just for nobbie like me ..)
My setup also utilized Bluetooth technology, which is more simple and ..of cause it wireless!! But you can go with USB cable ... give me an email if you need to use USB cable ...( Friend ...use Bluetooth laaa...)
Step 1: Blackberry setup
  • Go to menu, and browse to connection menu.
  • Enable bluetooth, and make sure tick on DialUp networking too :)

Step 2: Use you laptop bluetooth and discover you Blackberry. Done

Step 3: Laptop Setup

  • Go to control panel, Phone and Modem Setup
  • Choose Bluetooth Modem
  • Click Diagnostic Tab and query your bluetooth Modem. You should get some result !! If not, please ensure your choose the correct modem.

  • Click Advance Tab, and Key in below setting "Extra initialization commands"
  • For Maxis : +cgdcont=1,"IP","unet","",0,0
  • For Celcom: +cgdcont=1,"IP","celcom3g","",0,0

Last 2 digit is zero. And now you can try connect to internet using your blackberry ...

However, I still love my Sony Ericson K660i which connection to internet more simpler ...

How ?

Turn your SEK660i bluetooth, from your laptop right click Bluetooth Icon, choose "Network Access" , select your phone and DONE !!

You can access to internet when you see network icon on you task bar ....

Salam Ramadhan

ps: This note is special dedicated to En Fatzunahar and Ms V of XY

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